The Only Thing Our Customers Regret Is Not Adopting QPAC Sooner


Save Up to 40% Off Your Demand Charges Automatically

When applied to commercial HVAC systems, our customers achieve savings of up to 40% off the annual cost of cooling.

We deliver a rate of return greater than 50% on capital expenses and have documented proof of payback in as little as three months.


Improve Efficiency of Your Existing Systems

In addition to the bottom line value we deliver to our customers by driving down the cost of electricity, eCurv's suite of products dramatically improves business intelligence by measuring and reporting the actual in-use status of the loads we control.

We have developed a closed-system approach that accounts for all environmental variables. The result is a dynamically-adaptive grade-of-service for each individual appliance, coordinating its access to power in such a way as to virtually eliminate the most expensive coincident peak demand events.

The field data eCurv acquires is invaluable in providing superior insight into field service operations. We deliver clear indications of actual performance under load of cycling appliances like HVAC systems and pumping stations.


Reduce Future Costs by Predicting Problems Before They Happen

Our just-in-time reporting can deliver operational insight into the execution and effectiveness of maintenance procedures - we help spot the problem, report it to the right people, and evaluate if, when and how well those service calls have been completed. eCurv’s SLA support is available to all our customers as a value-added service.

Our analytics can identify impending catastrophic failure through early warning of out-of-spec equipment behavior, reducing labor, travel costs, and collateral damage costs.


Affordable, Money Saving Technology.

We offer businesses all-inclusive pricing - no user fees, transaction fees, or workflow configuration fees. You pay a fixed monthly or annual fee that is tiered based on the volume of power you place under the QPAC system.

Once the system is in place, we take care of the rest. Demand charge savings begin immediately and you'll begin to see a reduction in your energy expenses from day one.