Lunch and Learn Webinar "Peak Energy vs Peak Performance: How to leverage demand rates and save money"

Replay of Webinar from February 3, 2016.

Businesses across the US have begun to notice a change in their electric utility costs. The rate charged per kilowatt hour has been steady, or even dropped. But each month, the cost of electricity - and running your business - is higher than ever.

Deciphering the line items on your electric bill has never been harder, or more important. Knowing how you use power--managing demand - and selecting the rate plan that best meets your needs - has become a strategic and operational priority.

This Webinar, sponsored by eCurv, will help you cut through the confusion. Our panel of industry experts will answer these key questions:

  • Based on my load profile, what rate plan should I be on?
  • How will rate plans change in the future?
  • Why should I pay attention to demand charges?
  • What tools are available to me to use as a lever to reduce my energy costs?

Join us on February 3rd at noon EST for a Lunch and Learn. Hope to see you there!


Dale Huff, Accenture Senior Manager, Regulated Energy Markets

Ryan Hledik, Principal, The Brattle Group

Jonathan Lee, Senior Energy Market Intelligence Manager, Ecova

What: Webinar and Q & A with our experts

When: 12pm-1pm EST