eCurv to Offer Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy Program

Program Enables Commercial Customers to Install eCurv’s QPAC Demand Management Software Service with No Upfront Capital

"eCurv, Inc., a leading provider of demand management software services, announced today that it will offer Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy (EME) program to commercial clients. The program provides customers the opportunity to fund the installation of eCurv’s QPAC (Queued Power Access) software as part of their Constellation electricity supply agreement."

“Our customers will save as soon as QPAC is active with no upfront capital costs through Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy program,” said Edison Almeida, President and CEO of eCurv. “eCurv’s QPAC software service delivers up to 35 percent peak demand savings for our customers.”

To see the Press Release in its entirety, go to: BusinessWire