Save on Energy with eCurv Peak Demand Management.


Less electricity cost, less energy waste, less environmental impact.


eCurv’s QPAC demand management service lowers the cost of energy, improves the quality of electric service, unlocks higher operational margins, and ensures the efficient, reliable, and secure distribution of electricity.


More Energy, Less Cost

eCurv customers save up to 30% on peak demand energy.

Rapid Deployment

Scalable from 1 to 100,000 locations 

Secure By Design

Securely designed, constantly monitored and updated. Security is our top priority.

Partner Program

Value-add resellers partner with eCurv to provide customer solutions.

eCurv’s secure software services are rapidly deployed
at enterprise scale.

QPAC can be rapidly installed across hundreds of sites in just a few weeks.

QPAC integrates with widely deployed open building automation systems.

Data security and information integrity is a core concern for every modern business.
eCurv’s sophisticated encryption and iterative cyber-aware systems have been designed
from the ground up to stay ahead of zero-day vulnerabilities.

More energy, less cost with eCurv’s Queued Power
Access in the Cloud (QPAC®)

QPAC reduces peak demand charges by 40% or more

eCurv’s big data analytics delivers high-resolution visibility into Total Costs of Operation,
and actionable insight for proactive maintenance practices

Electricity is the backbone of every modern business. As your business grows and energy
consumption levels surge, eCurv’s cloud-enabled QPAC will drive down your energy cost

QPAC leverages the cloud's power to maximize savings.

eCurv’s proprietary QPAC software technology harvests the cloud's processing power
to drive optimal economic outcomes.

QPAC undergoes continuous evaluation, expansion and evolution, driven by a team of scientists
with deep expertise in telecommunications, the Internet, cyber-intelligence, cyber-security,
machine-learning, and energy.

Our 360-degree product improvement process delivers immediate access to our latest innovations
and capabilities.

Whether you are a building automation vendor,
IT integrator, or facility manager, eCurv’s Power Up
partner program provides the competitive advantage
you need to increase your market share and revenue.

Join eCurv’s Power Up Partner Program, where revenue generating opportunities are available
for innovative partners and value-add resellers.

Enhance your value proposition through integration with QPAC services. Reduce your customer’s
energy costs and provide high-resolution operational insight that continuously
improves your competitive advantage.

Our leading training and support capabilities are designed to make it easy for you to integrate
with eCurv’s QPAC cloud-enabled software technology.


Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to the singular objective of cutting your cost of energy, while simultaneously reducing reliance on fossil-fueled power generation. eCurv’s software services help our customers manage the ever-increasing demand for the energy that powers their critical infrastructure.

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Trusted and Secure:


Demand Management Demystified

QPAC Delivers Real Savings Without Compromise

Until now, enterprises have been forced to make difficult choices: pay demand charge premiums, curtail equipment usage, or endure the protracted shutdowns of demand response programs.

Demand charges can account for over 40% of your electric bill, even though demand peak events may only account for 4% of your total energy usage.

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